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HCA 20 years anniversary conference
Istanbul, Turkey - 1-3 October 2010

29 septembre 2010 

Program of the conference (pdf file) :

PDF - 438.2 ko

The invitation

Dear Friends

Several HCA men and women, veterans as member the new generation, have met in Istanbul at the beginning of July, to decide how to organize
the activities around the 20th anniversary of HCA.

The HCA20 will be organized around three main themes :

  • When does Europe ends ? (remember we addressed the theme "where does Europe ends ?" in Ankara in 1994)
  • Global civil society in Europe and the world since 1990 - What network after 2010 (HCA, Post HCA ?).

We plan to make a publication on the theme "When does Europe ends ?" open to contribution of prominent intellectual and experienced activists.

A lot of you have enthusiastically reacted to our first proposal for
HCA20. We are looking forward to discuss and work all together !

With all our civic greetings and lot of loves

Bernard Dreano, Arzu Abdullayeva, Murat Belge and Emel, Isabella,
Florent, Philippe, Sashka, Gökhan, Esra, Eva, Ahmet, etc.

21ter, rue Voltaire 75011 Paris - France |